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Problem solving and exploring the world of number and value.


Potential fulfilled

Coveted Tutors are specialists at supporting students at a range of ages and abilities.

Mathematics tuition is one of our most popular options and we work hard to provide the perfect-fit tutor for each student's needs. Coveted Tutors focus on building core skills and confidence. We address the areas of Mathematics which will develop understanding of the topic as a whole. We understand that some students require reinforcement of fundamental skills whilst others benefit from being challenged beyond the standard curriculum. Problem solving is prioritised as a core skill which relates to all topics and provides students with the confidence to tackle their work independently. Pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to approach them constructively. The educational approach of your Coveted Tutor is the educational approach which will work best for you.

Mathematics is one subject that contributes to our Core Curricula and Culture course, alongside English and Culture. 


Many Approaches to Learning

Modern IT online resources allow students to work with their tutors to directly interact with the mathematics in ways which is impossible in the classroom. Tutors teach students the skills which allow them to model statistics for themselves, or work with geometry to understand the formulas which underpin them, and in doing so gain a deep insight into mathematics. This modern approach to mathematics and problem-solving adds context to the lessons being learnt at school, whilst challenging students to go beyond the syllabus.

Empowering Student Interaction

Coveted Tutors recommends its tutors to use Zoom as this facilitates active participation in classes through the use of annotation tools. Students can learn content, then write and draw the ideas out for the tutor in real time. Misunderstandings are noticed immediately and can be amended through one-to-one guidance. The controls afforded by computerised lessons allows students to quickly demonstrate their understanding and collaborate with their tutor on any problem. 


Prepare to Succeed

For those students who are preparing for examinations we offer guided support to revision, preparation and examination strategies. We focus on building students’ confidence when sitting exams and giving them the content knowledge that is specifically needed for their exam board. The one-to-one nature of our support ensures that students have the opportunity to access a thorough and guided insight into past papers and model answers.

Tutors tailor their approach to the needs of each student and the exams they sit. Qualification exams differ from Entrance exams, or Olympiads; every paper requires an expert who can guide students through the most efficient and successful strategies to achieve success.

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Keep up-to-date

Coveted Tutors provides regular feedback to parents and guardians with up-to-date guidance on how best to support the student in reaching their goals outside of lessons. We utilise the excellent system which is accessible on phone, tablet or computer. This will allow our students and families to access reports almost anywhere and keep in contact with tutors through a transparent system, only available to parents, students and tutors.


Our students do not need to rely on parents for maintaining communications with their tutor or for tackling homework. Our student pages reinforce a proactive approach to self-development and encourage students to take the initiative when they require support. 

Check out ur sample Report

We have created a sample report with a fictional student to allow prospective families to understand how they will view their reports in the future. These reports are curated to each students specific needs and can be adapted as needed to optimise a students' development.

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