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The first years of a child's education lays the foundations for success going forward.


Coveted Tutors subscribe to building a child's confidence and applying research-backed methods for sustained personal development. It is key to imbue children with a love of learning early. Our tutors use engaging resources which inspire children to use their imagination whilst learning and demonstrate their understanding with confidence.


There are four key areas of development which we prioritise: Phonics, Writing, Handwriting, and Numbers. The proportion of class time assigned to each is agreed upon and changed by the tutor and the family, achieving a bespoke and flexible Education Plan.

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Early Development

Where passion begins

ages 5-7

Oxford Reading Tree

Oxford Reading Tree

Early Writing Programme

Best Phonics Learning System

Learning to read is one of the most important educational stages for building a child’s confidence and inquisitism. Coveted Tutors use the widely celebrated Stage Oxford Reading Tree system to build reading confidence and comprehension skills with early leaners. Students are guided through electronic reading material; progression is individually paced for each child. We typically complement the phonics programme with a writing programme.

Step-by-step Letters and Words

Handwriting practice

Handwriting and Letter Formation

Students learn to write as they read. Students associate blending and segmented sounds they learn in the Oxford Reading Tree Phonics Programme with words and letter sets. An early introduction to spelling, grammar and punctuation develop a confidence to express themselves. Our tutors inspire young writers to imagine and explore their talents and inspire a love of literacy. Writing is taught on paper and digitally, with the aim of developing competence with both a pen and keyboard.


Writing Practice

Perfect Writing


Counting Confidence and Number Bonds

It is vital for early learners to become comfortable with numbers at an early stage. Students learn to count and write numbers at a pace which works for them. One-to-one online teaching provides a unique opportunity for students to learn through new and exciting technologies which prioritises tutor-student interaction and constant reevaluation and assessment.

Students learn to create beautiful letters and words using a mixture of traditional handwriting practice with a modern approach to memorising best-practice for perfect letter forming. Lessons include fun games which help develop students’ fine motor skills and handwriting is incorporated beyond repetitive tracing exercises. An individual approach to handwriting allows tutors to precisely guide students in how to improve. Young learners are guided through the construction of lower and upper case letters, through to ‘flicks and kicks’, style letters and onto cursive styles.

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