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Core Curricula & Culture

Maths & English made more  

Any age

A complete education must bring together a comprehensive appreciation and knowledge of the core subjects, English and Mathematics, with a wider examination of Culture.


Our CCC course offers students with the opportunity to be taught by an expert educator in English and Mathematics whilst also being exposed to the relevance and application of these subjects in the world around us.


Take reading a poem, as an example. Many have been inspired by a history, language, or artwork. In order to fully understand the context for which the poem operates, members are challenges to consider these addition factors, as well as the cultural impact of the poem itself. This adds nuance to a pupils appreciation of the language and art form, which is often overlooked in schools due to curricula restraints. By revealing the additional aspects of the content our Coveted Tutor cover, we aim to produce well-rounded individuals who are capable of independent thoughts and the ability to effective communicate them.

English Reading Book

English Language & Literature

Literature and Language, enabling students to express themselves in the clearly and eloquently.


Reinforcing fundamental knowledge and skills for problem solving.

Math Lesson Formulas
Flamenco City Hall Theatre


Promoting a well-rounded education of art and expression.

Additional bespoke course options


Specialist Subjects?


Designing your Own Course


for Creative Courses?

"I've read and studied texts which I had never seen before. I don't just learn about the texts but also their history. I now feel like I understand them at a far greater level."

Core Curriculum & Culture Student, Age 14.

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