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Specialist Courses

taught by experts

Any age

Our bespoke approach to education provides us with the exiting opportunity to share the specialist expertise of our Coveted Tutors with a diverse range of courses.


Coveted Tutors offers a comprehensive selection of courses, beyond our Core Curricula and Culture course. This grants students and their families the opportunity to tailor lessons so as to best meet their needs. We are very selective with the Specialist Courses which we offer. Every one of our Specialist Courses are taught by an experienced expert, who can inspire an appreciation of their respective field. Coveted Tutors model best practices in these areas and provide students with the tools which they need to excel. Families can choose to take a specialist course in leu of the CCC course or as additional course, depending on the number of lessons covered by their Membership Plan.

Arts & Crafts

Design your own Course

Customised Lessons to Fit Your Needs

The tuition provided by our Coveted Tutors are truly bespoke. If our curated courses do not match your specific needs or you are looking for support outside of the curriculum we will work with you to create a course which develops the skills you are focusing on. This provides you with the opportunity to reach your goals, such as completing a personal or school project, or reinforcing an area of interest with expert support. Designed courses can be small in scale, completed in a few sessions, or large, with the aim of completing a comprehensive project.

Additional Subjects

Taught by Experts

For students wishing to receive Coveted Tuition beyond English and Mathematics, we offer a range of Subjects for which our tutors as specialists. This level of selectivity in our tutors allows us to assure the excellent quality of the education which we offer. Additional Subjects can be taught instead of our CCC course or in conjunction with it. The quality of the tuition which Coveted Tutors provide is of paramount importance. On account of this, we only offer subject for which we can provide an expert Coveted Tutor.

Science Courses
Happy Childhood

Creative Courses

Discover a Passion

Coveted Tutors are talented individuals, with a range of interests and hobbies, and are passionate about sharing them with their students. Our Creative Courses present you with the opportunity to be inspired in a personalised session which focuses on developing a beloved skill. All courses are tailored to the age and ability of each students and taught one on one, online with a Coveted Tutor.

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