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Please contact us with an enquiries which you have. Prospective tutors who are looking to join Coveted Tutors should see the 'Become a Coveted Tutor' page.

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Does Coveted Tutors support the National Curriculum?

Coveted Tutors use National Curriculum guidelines to ensure tuition coincides with the required academic standards needed for school and qualifications.

Can I be assigned multiple Coveted Tutors?

For members who received multiple sessions per week for multiple subjects, we may consider allocating more than one tutor. This ensures that we are always providing expert guidance for all areas of education. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

How long does it take to be assigned a Coveted Tutor?

We will work with you to assign your perfect Coveted Tutor. This is a collaborative process between our Members, Coveted Tutors and the Consultants. We are typically able to allocate a tutor within a week of a Membership Application submission. Once a tutor is agreed upon, Membership plans can be arranged. To ensure the best Coveted Tutor allocation, please provide as much information in your Membership Application as possible.

How often do I receive feedback from my assigned Coveted Tutor?

Coveted Tutors provide regular comprehensive feedback. Parents/Guardians can expect a minimal of weekly feedback, with our Challenge Plan Membership allocating feedback after each of the three weekly sessions. Our Intensive Plan includes a Weekly Progress Report which can be used to record progress towards a set goal.

Does Coveted Tutors offer in-person tuition?

Coveted Tutors supplies expert one-to-one online tuition. This allows our tutors to provide best-in-industry tuition whilst receiving a generous per-hour rate of compensation as travel is not required and classes can be scheduled in close promixity. Also, online tuition provides flexibility for sessions. Many of our Members board at school, travel often, or have busy schedules, and so must be able to access their classes wherever they are. Furthermore, we encourage Coveted Tutors to attend conferences and travel, building their knowledge-base and appreciation of world cultures. Online tuition allows our tutors to teach in appropriate locations from anywhere in the world.

What safeguarding measures are offered?

Coveted Tutors takes the welling of our Members and Coveted Tutors seriously. Please view our Safeguarding Policies page for clarification on our approach to Safeguarding.

Does Coveted Tutors support Children with Special Education Needs?

Coveted Tutors provdies the highest quality of tuition to our Members. We ask prospective Members to communicate any Special Educational Needs in the Membership Application Form. Our Consultants will then work with the prospective Member and our Tutors to access if we can offer the support which you require. If we believe that we cannot provdie the best service for your specific needs we will look to advise you on other options.

Can I choose a Membership Plan before completing the Membership Application form?

Prospective Members should indicate which they are considering in the Membership Application Form. This will help our Consultants to match your needs with the ideal Coveted Tutor.

Can I upgrade the number of sessions per week?

Memberships are renewed weekly. This allows our Members to have flexibility to change their Membership Plan to increase or decrease the number of sessions to best meet their needs. Note: A minimum of 2 weeks notice must be given to change the Membership Plan.

Why are Tutor's Profiles not available on the website?

We are proud of our ability to match you with your ideal Coveted Tutor. This is part of the service. The vast range of Tutors available can often be daunting and comparing the offerings of many Tutors makes finding the perfect tutor a difficult task. We work diligently to get to know every one of our Coveted Tutors. This allows us to be confident when we suggest them to our Members. Each Tutor has a professioal Profile, which we share with Members who we believe they can support. Members can then evaluate our Consultant's choice of Coveted Tutor and if satisfied arrange an Initial Meeting session.