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Design Your Own Course

Customised Lessons to Fit Your Needs

Use your Imagination

The tuition provided by our Coveted Tutors are truly bespoke. If our curated courses do not match your specific needs or you are looking for support outside of the curriculum we will work with you to create a course which develops the skills you are focusing on. This provides you with the opportunity to reach your goals, such as completing a personal or school project, or reinforcing an area of interest with expert support. Designed courses can be small in scale, completed in a few sessions, or large, with the aim of completing a comprehensive project. 

Designed courses provide an opportunity to direct a student's learning through channels which they already take interest - in particular, we have had great success with SEN students. Please find some examples below which have proven popular with students. These may serve as inspiration for your own designed course.

Inspiration & Ideas

School Project

Key Skills

  • Project management

  • Presentation of ideas

  • Research skills

  • Technical documents e.g.

  • Book review, Biography, Science Report, etc.

comic and camera

Create a Comic Book

Key Skills 

  • Artistic Expression

  • Character Design

  • Computer software

  • Develop Language Skills

Write a Short Story

Key Skills

  • Personal Expression

  • Drafting

  • Editing

  • Write engaging prose

child drawing
best poems for children book

Poetry Series

Key Skills

  • Discover poem styles

  • Close reading & analysis

  • Poetry writing & planning

  • Figurative Language

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