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Matching you with your perfect-fit Coveted Tutor

Teacher Assisting a Student

Specialist Expertise

All Coveted Tutors are specialists in their educational fields. We review your academic needs and refine our search to those tutors who excel in providing the best sessions for your age range, educational needs, and Subject knowledge.

Educational Approach

We pride ourselves in knowing the professional strengths of all of our tutors. Tutors are more than sources of knowledge. Each tutor has a unique for educating their students which must be considered when matching them with members. This allows us to match tutors with students with confidence.

Teacher and Student
Hotline Consultant


All members are assigned to their own educational consultant as well as a tutor. It is this consultant who will work directly with you as we find you your perfect Coveted Tutor. This gives you a consistent point of contact who can understand your needs in depth and adapt to your needs.

Why Choose a Coveted Tutor?

Uncompromising quality

A Coveted Tutor is an investment in receiving the best educational experience and this is something we take seriously. A tutor should be a long-term commitment to progress; there are no such thing as short cuts to success. As such we expect Coveted Tutors to become an indispensable source of support for our members and their families. Our tutors are experts in delivering one-to-one content which challenges students to strive for the stars. Members are put in direct contact with their Coveted Tutor which allows you to collaborate on your experience. Session are scheduled with tutors based on the availability of all parties, allowing optimal flexibility and removing the barrier of mediating parties. 


We realise that attracting the highest quality requires industry-leading incentives. We do not compromise on the quality of our Coveted Tutors and compensate them at premium rates maintain the highest quality of education. We believe that you get what you pay for and we strive to offer the best service to all of our members. 


Tutors are encouraged to support each other and share the latest and greatest teaching techniques and resources. Tutors are provided with additional training to ensure they remain at the forefront of education and student support. This allows our tutors to create industry leading bespoke educational plans for their students. 

How we Hand-Pick your Coveted Tutor

Coveted Tutors are selected for the quality of their tuition.

We look for the best specialists at supporting students. Coveted Tutors are experts in educating specific age ranges and subjects. Every tutor is curated. Some specialise in with preschool children who are learning to read and write, whilst others excel in exam preparation or building the confidence of students with specific educational needs. Coveted tutors use their curated skills to provide a bespoke experience to every member. Ensuring quality is our priority and we go through a great deal of effort to ensure all of our tutors provide the best education consistently and go above and beyond. We spent time getting to know our Coveted Tutors and they join the community of Coveted Tutors. This allows us to understand tutor’s strengths and expertise so we can be confident matching them with a student. 


One model does not fit all. 


Coveted Tutors excel in their specialist Subject and have a proven track record providing professional education in their specialism and its application in the National Curriculum. We promote inspirational personalities who inspire their students to be confident and exceed their goals. Coveted Tutors understand that students’ progress is linked with their relationship with education and their learning sessions. It is vital that we provide tutors who model the values which we look to aspire in our members. We ensure that sessions are enjoyable and interactive and are proud of the fantastic testimonials which we receive from students and parents/carers alike. Students who love their sessions and trust their tutors view their education as less of a chore which must be suffered and come to understand the value of their sessions. 


Full Extended DBS Ensured.

A Bespoke Approach to Education

Tailored to support you reach and exceed your goals.


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