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Coveted Tutors matches families with their perfect tutor. Our service is unique as we are a highly selective service and only work with tutors who meet our exacting standards and we go through great efforts to understand their individual areas of expertise.


Tutor must demonstrate not only a true expertise in their respective field of tuition, but also the ability to teach and communicate this with their students and develop a plan for personal development. This results in a confidence in our recommendation of tutor which many other tuition services cannot claim. Likewise, before presenting you with your perfect-fit tutor, we ensure that we fully understand your needs and work with our families to ensure they receive the best possible experience.

How Coveted Tutors works

Your Journey begins here.

Students and families may contact Coveted Tutors Ltd with any enquiries before completing the Membership Request Form. Our Membership Request Form is purposefully designed to be comprehensive. This will allow us to understand the needs of prospective students in detail so we can assign the best-fit Coveted Tutor. Also, accessing a Coveted Tutor should be a considered decision and as such we want to ensure prospective members have carefully weighed the decision to make an important investment into their education.

Your application will be assigned to a Coveted Consultant, who will seek to fully understand your needs and, if necessary, contact you to ensure we have a complete picture. You will then be matched with a Coveted Tutor, who is ideally suited to exceed all expectations.

A provisional education plan will be drafted to meet the student’s educational requirements. We will contact you to organise an online Introductory meeting. During the Introductory meeting, parent/guardian, student, tutor, and consultant will be introduced and the Bespoke Educational plan for the student will be created. Note: as with any bespoke service, educational plans are ever-changing based on the needs of the student and the recommendations of the Coveted Tutor. We will discuss which membership plan would best serve your requirements. Contact information is shared between member and tutor and an initial session date is set.

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One-to-One Lessons Online

Personalised Attention

We specialise in providing high-quality one-to-one online tuition. Coveted Tutors are experts in delivering a bespoke individual education, delivered online. This has a range of benefits. First, all of Coveted Tutors and members can run sessions undisturbed by COVID19 measures and similar health risks. Online tuition promotes interaction between students and their tutor thanks to the implementation of IT and seamless sharing of resources.

Coveted Tutors are professionals who are highly in-demand, as such their time is valuable. By eliminating commuting, Covered Tutors can focus on devoting their time to supporting their students. We prioritise our tutors continual self-developement and push to support them in their educational endeavors. Online sessions facilitates travel opportunities for members and tutors without compromising the quality of the education being provided. Tutors are encouraged to travel and continuously work towards their own cultural education and knowledge.

A Bespoke Approach to Education

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