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English Literature & Language

Progress through Creativity and Experiencing the Beautiful World of Language.

Coveted Tutors inspires students to express themselves through writing. The ability to express one’s thoughts clearly is a fundamental skill that is constantly used throughout our lives. Whether it is writing a cover letter for a job application, a college personal statement, a business pitch or even a love letter, an ability to express oneself in clear and persuasive terms, with correct spelling and grammar, can make all the difference between success and failure. 


At Coveted Tutors, we prepare a student not only to pass exams and produce excellent coursework, but to use language as a tool for precise and convincing communication. Furthermore, in an increasingly competitive university and job-market, a single misspelt word or incorrectly placed apostrophe can eliminate a candidate from any further consideration. To prevent such an outcome, we at Coveted Tutors maintain a high standard of written work, whilst also working to coach our pupils through tricky-to-remember rules through plainly worded explanation, regular language workshops and exercises. As well as encouraging our pupils to express themselves openly in written language, we thus ensure they can confidently produce beautiful written work, free of basic errors.


In addition to students’ abilities to express themselves, equal weight is also given to reading and text analysis. Being able to read a text and derive as much information from it as possible is another highly valuable and fundamental skill that is often overlooked. To hone a pupil’s ability to read, understand and give accurate and clear information on a piece of writing, Coveted Tutors works closely with pupils to help them express how they feel, and why, about any text placed in front of them. Shakespeare, Dickens and poetry can be tricky for modern readers, but to carefully go through the text, line by line, with a trained scholar in the literature, can help open up to pupils the depth and resonance these texts hold, and help them understand why these texts are classics.

Differentiated at every level


All members receive work which is appropriate to their age and inline with National Curricula.


Whether your goal is to build confidence, writing ability or attain high marks, we support to attain what you deserve.


Members are challenged at levels appropriate to their specific abilities. This is unique to every child.


Skills are taught and applied to areas of personal interest to engage the student with the work.

Modern approach to Language & Learning

Take a New Approach to Your Learning with Diverse Media and Resources.

As the world of education changes and adapts to new technologies and learning research, we ensure that Coveted Tutors are leading the way with applying the best-in-class teaching methods in their classes. Great works of English Literature are now alive and flourish across many forms of media, providing new avenues of appreciation and learning. Indeed, the days of learning Shakespeare by reading a play from the page alone should be behind us: students can now access comics, films, theatre productions, audiobooks, games, podcasts, apps, and more besides. This benefits all students. Those who excelled using traditional methods of learning can continue to do so, whilst being challenged to explore new ideas and readings; whilst those who struggle can explore new and exciting ways of engaging with the material. Thanks to the universality of smart phones and portable reading devices, students can now access learning and 


For students who prefer to listen to their favourite stories, Coveted Tutors can recommend audiobook, brought to life bay your favourite voice actors.

Online Resources

There are many sources of informative content and opportunities to learn, provided by apps, games, websites, and more... 

Streaming & Documentaries

Some literature must be experienced through performance in order to fully appreciate its context. We can assist in finding adaptations of your favourite stories.


Your favourite stories and texts are now available in a wide array of formats, whether on a phone, tablet or kindle. It is now possible to always have a book one hand.


Discover the fastest growing medium of learning and entertainment. Podcasts bring topics to life through short and long format discussions.


Youtube can be a fantastic resource but it can be difficult to know what to trust. We can guide you to useful and reliable videos.


All Exam Texts Supported

Learn what they don't tell you in school

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
War of the Worlds
Journey's End
Silas Marner
Curious Incident

And More Besides...

Discover and explore the stories which will inspire You.

Harry Potter
Lion Witch Wardrobe
Wizard of Oz Book Cover
Hunger Games
Artemis Fowl
Percy Jackson
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Keep up-to-date

Coveted Tutors provides regular feedback to parents and guardians with up-to-date guidance on how best to support the student in reaching their goals outside of lessons. We utilise the excellent system which is accessible on phone, tablet or computer. This will allow our students and families to access reports almost anywhere and keep in contact with tutors through a transparent system, only available to parents, students and tutors.


Our students do not need to rely on parents for maintaining communications with their tutor or for tackling homework. Our student pages reinforce a proactive approach to self-development and encourage students to take the initiative when they require support. 

Check out ur sample Report

We have created a sample report with a fictional student to allow prospective families to understand how they will view their reports in the future. These reports are curated to each students specific needs and can be adapted as needed to optimise a students' development.

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