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All courses are tailored to the age and ability of each students and taught one on one, online with a Coveted Tutor.

Chinese deity head

A World of Cultural Art

Inspired by the British Museums History in 100 Objects project, students will be exposed to a diverse range of cultural art from around the globe. This course aims at providing students with a broad knowledge and appreciation of some of the most celebrated works of artistic culture. This exists in a myriad of mediums, from sculpture to painting and graphics. Students will discuss the importance of world art and its relevance for cultural exploration and greater diversity of thought and expression.


The Bible

The Bible is the most circulated publication in human history, mostly due to the proliferation of Christianity as the largest religion in the world. The Bible brings together a collection of books which provide the narrative and teachings which grounds the beliefs of Christianity. This course focuses on exploring the most famous of these, bringing together theology, philosophy and history into a comprehensive reading of ethical discourse and dogmatic traditions. The Bible is ancient but modern interpretations abound. Students will be guided to read the stories for themselves and develop their own opinions in order to create a foundation for understanding Christian practices and teachings.


Classical mythology

The legendary myths from ancient Greece and Rome encompass a world of gods, monsters and heroes, which continue to inspire thousands of years after they were first recorded. Many of the archetypes which were established by the ancients remains as the foundation of tales to this day, having inspired artists throughout the ages to emulate their grandiose scale. In this course, students will learn the creation tales of the theogany, and experience the heroic past with the tales of Perseus, Theseus, and Heracles, to name a few. Mythology teaches close reading of fables meant to instruct and provides a opportunity for reimagining by students, recreating the stories in their own fashion.

Pen writing

Creative writing

Unleash your inner author with our Creative Writing course. This course encourages students to express themselves and provides them with the toolkit to do this effectively for a target reader. Whether you aim to become a poet or a novelist, we will tailor the course to help you understand how to develop your craft and engage a reader.

Viking Ship

History of Britain

From Pre-History to the modern day, this course aims to provide students with an overview of the entire history of Britain. Students are encouraged to discuss and analyse sources from different eras of history and compare themes from one era to the next. It is often the case that students' have large omissions in their knowledge of British history and are unaware of its impact on the world stage. British grew from a Roman province to controlling an empire which covered almost a quarter of the globe, and has remained a top economic and nuclear power to this day. It is only through an exploration of the events and personalities of history that we can understand and contextualise these events.

Programming Console

Learn to code

Programming is a key skill in the modern world and provides great opportunities to those students who can create and apply software in new and imaginative ways. For those students who wish to develop their own software we offer an education in Javascript or Python, and for would-be web developers HTML and CSS sessions are offered. More coding languages beyond these are available for students who have something specific in mind and require guidance developing their expertise in coding.

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