How to Choose a Tutor

Experience & Expertise

It is a difficult task to find a perfect-fit tutor. One student's ideal tutor is not necessarily the ideal tutor for another student. There are many variables which must be considered before deciding to allow a tutor to support your child, and those can change depending on a student's (and their family's) needs. First and foremost, a tutor should be a reliable source of support for students. Tutors should have expertise in attaining the goals which students are aiming towards and help students to continually re-evaluate their aims and avenues for attaining and exceeding them. Most students are looking to improve in a particular top/area of study, such as English, Maths, Science, etc., and tutors must be experts in communicating understanding of their topics. A great tutor is a great communicator and can change their approach to a topic, depending on the requirements of the student and how they react to the teaching material. The most successful tutors are passionate about their subject areas. Passion is contagious and students find it more fulfilling to be taught by someone with who enjoys learning and teaching about a topic than those who don't. The goal is to have the student look forward to their classes and understand the value of their education.

Tailoring to each student

The age of students, their ability, and grades, as well as learning difficulties, necessitate a unique approach to educational support. Some tutors have strengths in challenging high-achieving students, whilst others excel in building confidence and consolidating foundational knowledge in struggling students. Likewise, teaching a five-year-old requires a divergent approach to a sixteen-year-old, and the experience of the tutor in teaching specific age ranges is key to a successful choice. For students who have special learning difficulties, a tutor's teaching style and ability to adapt to the student's specific needs, often becomes the priority. The ability to utilise a range of resources and teaching styles provides tutors with the opportunity to create a successful learning environment for their students, who are confident that their needs are being considered.


To ensure that a tutor can adapt to the ever-changing needs of their students, it is essential that they are experts in their field. A typical marker of a tutor's expertise is