Why You Should Hire a Private Tutor

Private Tuition and a school education go hand-in-hand. School teachers provide a knowledge of the curriculum and assess pupil progress through examinations, which result in qualifications. The classroom is an important learning environment for pupils to develop social skills and work as part of a cohort, however, they can often struggle to provide the individual attention which pupils require to excel. This is the fundamental purpose of hiring a tutor for one-to-one support and guidance. Due to their experience and expertise, a private tutor is a perfect source of support for bolstering a pupil's performance for when they return to the classroom in order to achieve those highly desirable examination results. The flexible schedule of a private tutor also provides the opportunity to curate a pupil's sessions. Frequency of sessions as well as dates and times can all be scheduled and changed, as needed. During exam periods and school holidays, classes can be increased to compensate for a reduction of specific topical content delivered in school. Current data suggests that 43% of London pupils access private tuition outside of school as it is now recognised as an important compliment to a classroom education and a vital component of success. Tutors can direct students to the optimal approaches to their classwork, including homework support, as well as develop insights which were overlooked or underdeveloped in school.

Bespoke tuition

The best private tutors provide a bespoke service for each of their students. Lessons should be tailored to the needs of the student. For some this will be content focused, teaching or revising knowledge, whilst for others advice and techniques are necessary. Most students benefit from a mixed approach, repeating content which they have covered in school to solidify understanding, then learning how best to apply their knowledge. This allows for greater control over the learning process for student and their family as well as the ability to change approaches when necessary, for example for upcoming exams or school projects. Tuition also affords the opportunity to utilise the latest and most innovative teaching methods. Students can control their tutors’ screens to work collaboratively on a problem and multi-media can be shared effortlessly. Moreover, tutors can make changes to the class quickly and efficiently as the need arises, to consolidate areas of progress. Faced with a tutor in a one-to-one online class, students are given the full attention of their educators and are engaged for their entire class. Classes are arranged for dates and times which suit the tutor and student. It is typical for families to schedule sessions which will repeat on a weekly basis. This often means that families can work with tutors to find a perfect time for the class to run.

Inspire a love of learning

By choosing a specialist tutor, you are gaining more than topical knowledge and educational expertise, but also a role model who can inspire students to become enthusiastic learners. The best tutors are passionate about the subjects that they teach and aspire to deliver their expert knowledge to students in an engaging manner. Tutors are excellent communicators and can adapt to the interests of their students to ensure that students remain attentive to their studies. Students who gain an interest in their studies can develop excellent organisational and working skills are more likely to achieve their goals. Focus can be placed on areas of weakness by clarifying difficult topics and finding methods of learning which work for the students. Different approaches to a topic, alongside reinforcing exercises can allow students to flourish in topics which they previously hadn't. It is also important for students to be challenged in areas of strength and adopt an attitude of continual growth and improvement. With opportunities to move beyond the curriculum, student can dive into subjects in ways that are not possible within a school environment and find areas of interest which were previously unknown to them.