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Jordan Poole

Company Director & lead Tutor

My Aim is to inspire intellectual and cultural curiosity.  My Approach is supported by the latest research on the most effective learning tools and methods.

In 2010, I became a private tutor for fellow classmates and caught the bug for supporting others find learning methods which work for them. Since then, I have developed my teaching skills with students of all ages and in a diverse range of professional environments. Upon becoming a teacher in a selective private school, I was accelerated into the Head of Department for History within a year due to my proclivity to attain results. I left this post upon attaining an unconditional offer to undertake a PhD in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Liverpool. I now teach to university students and am a co-Director of Merseyside History for Schools, an outreach programme which focuses on providing the highest quality teaching programmes to local schools. During the lockdown, I became aware of the inconsistencies within the tuition profession as new families would recall their difficulties in finding a high-quality tutor. I founded Coveted Tutors Ltd in 2021 with the aim of attracting and supplying on the best tutors to families.


I have spent years mastering the skills for teaching core subjects and imbuing my students with an appreciation for culture and self-development. Providing the highest quality knowledge dissemination is my passion and I have a plethora of success stories to speak for my ability to support students at all levels of their educational journey. As well as my professional training as an historian, I excel in supporting students with Mathematics and English Literature and Language. My successes in these fields range from giving children the gift of reading and counting to supporting students attain the highest grades and gain access to top schools and Russell Group universities. 

I understand the requirements sought after by the top schools in the UK, and seek to offer full academic support to families seeking a place at such institutions. My success rate is high as I ensure that students and families are aware of the requirements before I start working with them. Amongst my successes are attaining pupils places at Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, Westminster and St Mary's, to name a selection. Ι also specialised in preparing applicants for scholarship exams, where relevant, and national competitions, such as the Townsend-Warner Prize, which support the application of prospective applicants. 


Education is an ever-developing art. I believe in a research-backed approach to knowledge comprehension, bringing together new IT technologies, with the latest research in knowledge retention and student development. I value highly the benefits of reading widely and inspire students to pick up works of art and culture which they previously had not considered. This invariably leads to more happy and confident students as they surpass their goals and come to explore the world with new eyes and express their creativity. My students come away from their sessions with a sense of pride and fulfilment in their work. Homework is only set when deemed appropriate for a student's development. Set readings are my preferred type of homework as well as exercises which would detract from valuable class time. Feedback is delivered in class, emphasising the student's strengths and providing actionable instructions for how best to elevate their work.

I am proud that my students look forward to their lessons and see the value of their education. If they enjoy the work, we have overcome the hardest obstacle to their success.

Subjects I teach

English, Maths, Science, Classics, History, Geography, Art, Philosophy, Religious Studies, 11+ Examinations, Entrance exams

I have enjoyed every one of my lessons with Jordan. I learn about things which we never spend much time on in school. My confidence has sky-rocketed and I am now top of my class in school.


My son has been offered a place at Eton School thanks to Jordan's support with writing lessons and interview preparation. He is very knowledgable and understood my son's needs well. 

mother of student

Exceptional Experience

Experience & Qualifications That Make a Difference

History Head of Department, Streatham Schools

Fast-tracked into the position at the age of 22. 100% of my students attained or exceeded their target grades. Inspired many to continue studying History at further education.


Exceptional array of qualifications in all wide array of subjects. 18 GCSEs, 7 AS/A Levels, First Class BA (Hons) Ancient History, MA Ancient History, PhD Candidate Classics and Ancient History.

University Teacher, Liverpool University

Delivered lectures, seminars and research papers in an array of universities across Europe and am hired as a teaching member of staff for the University of Liverpool.

10+ years of Experience

Tutoring since I was in college, I have honed my teaching techniques and consistently delivered the highest quality support to over 100 students.

Early Development Training

Fully trained to deliver the highest quality of tuition to all ages, including young children who are learning to read, write, and count.

Life-Changing Success Stories

Supported students fulfil their potential and attain the qualifications to gain places on their dream courses.

Non-English Speakers

Taught students for whom English is a second or third language. Utilise proven methods to boost grammar and comprehension.  

Learning Difficulties to Learning Lovers

Individual approach to each learner. Years of experience building confidence with students with learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, ADHD, and much more.

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