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5 Reasons to Choose Online tuition

This article reviews the benefits of choosing online tuition:


2. Flexibility & Cost

3. Effectiveness

4. Resources

5. Quality

What is the Difference?

Online tuition sessions are held online via a communication application such as Zoom or Skype. These classes are typically run on a one-to-one basis and the schedule is coordinated between the tutor and the family.

In-person tuition sessions are held whereby the student and tutor are in the same physical location. This may be at a tuition centre or at either the student or tutor’s home.

Both modes of tuition allow for successful classes to take place, and each have their pros and cons.


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, all tuition has had to take place online.

Safety and safeguarding must be prioritised and as such it is advised that whilst Covid continues to spread, that families and tutors prioritise online tuition.

This move has proven popular for students and tutors alike. Covid has led to the creation of new and innovative online learning methods and materials.

Most families and tutors are now resolved to continue with online-only tuition and many providers have moved to an online-only model.

2. Flexibility & Cost

Online tuition is the most popular form of tuition as it affords greater flexibility for the student and the tutor.

Online classes do not require any travel for them to take place. This means that students can attend their classes from the comfort of their own home and have a scheduled time which works best for them.

This time slot can be more flexible and allow classes to take place at times when time is tight, and travel would not be feasible.

Travel expenses and time is saved, which adds up over the course of prolonged sessions. Also, students often require their parents to transport them to tutoring sessions.

Students can start their online classes independently and have classes when parents are unavailable.

Thanks to the quick and simple nature of using a computer to log into a class means that classes can be up and running in no time.

For tutors, the lack of travel means that classes can be run in succession and there is no cost of travel. This often results in their fees being less costly as they do not have to include the extra fees which are involved with travel.

In the case of emergencies, whereby one party is unable to make it to class due to last minute issues, online classes mean that the other party has not wasted time in travelling to the tuition location.

This is likewise the case if either party is running late for a class. It is far easier to reschedule an online class than an in-person class.

Lifestyle is often an overlooked aspect of tuition but can have a dramatic effect on the quality of tuition.

Online classes can take part anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This opens the possibility of travel. Students can have classes wherever they are, whether at a family member’s or even during a holiday.

Likewise, tutors are free to tutor from anywhere in the world. Great educators should be encouraged to see the world and experience a breadth of diverse cultures. They can then incorporate this into their teaching style and pass new knowledge onto their students.

3. Effectiveness

One of the most important factors for choosing between online and in-person tuition is the needs of the student.

For most students, they will learn equally well with online and in-person tuition.

Some children with learning and behaviour difficulties sometimes benefit from a specific approach. The only way to know this is to test both and witness the results.

Although it should be noted that the approach of the tutor makes a greater difference than the mode of delivering tuition.

Online benefits students by encouraging them to work independently. Too often, students can overly rely on tutors being present to assist them with every problem, instead of challenging themselves to approach them for themselves first.

An issue with in-person tuition: some parents can prioritise their tutor as a baby-sitting service, over the educational development of their child. This can happen without them even realising it!

The two services are distinct, and the goals of the tuition should always be kept in mind.

Online classes keep education at the fore of the classes. Students prepare for classes knowing that they are there to learn and parents must facilitate a safe learning environment for online classes to take place.

4. Resources

A benefit of in-person tuition is the ability of tutors to incorporate physical educational resources (e.g., models, stationary, physical games, etc.) These can be useful for enticing younger children into maintaining their attention throughout a session.

Yet, with every better online resources being created, children often prefer to learn through computers than with physical materials.

Most high-quality resources are now available electronically and can be shared during an online session. The benefit of sharing them during an online session is that tutors can demonstrate how to use the resources on the computer and bolster the student’s IT skills.

With screen sharing, students and tutors can collaborate on learning exercises and annotate key aspects as the lesson progresses.

Software makes creating more precise and streamlined. Moreover, students bolster their typing skills and use software features which they were previously unaware of.

Computer-based work is easily shared with tutors. After receiving feedback, students can then easily redraft their work and continue to make progress. Drafting on a computer is frictionless and much easier than reworking writing with pen and paper.

This prioritises the exercises and not the volume of writing.

5. Quality

An important factor to remember with this choice is the quality of tuition available.

The reality is that successful tutors are in high-demand and tutor many students.

This means that they often must exclusively teach online to run classes in quick succession.

These tutors already charge a premium for their services and the added cost of travel would make them out of reach for some families.

For students who require specialised expertise, online tuition is often the only possibility.

It can often prove difficult to find excellent tutors for specialist subjects, especially local tutors who can deliver in-person classes.

Online tuition provides a great variety of potential tutors from across the country (and even the world).

Parents and students can compare the available tutors and decide upon someone is prefect for their needs.

This can often be a difficult decision. Finding high quality tutors in a saturated market is made harder by the limited information which is available concerning each tutor with typical advertisements.

Coveted Tutors Ltd specialises in making this process streamlined.

We find the perfect-fit tutor for each student and review progress which is being made on a regular basis using our student reporting system.

We only work with the best tutors.

This gives us the confidence to know we can provide students with the highest quality education.

View our brochure or website for more information.

2021 Coveted Tutors Brochure
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