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Art & design

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Religious studies

Modern foreign languages





The quality of the tuition which Coveted Tutors provide is of paramount importance. On account of this, we only offer subject for which we can provide an expert Coveted Tutor. As such, we are completely confident in our tutors' ability to adapt and teach these subjects at every level, catering to the specific needs of each student.

Additional Subjects can be taught instead of our CCC course or in conjunction with it. In order to provide you with your perfect-fit Coveted Tutor, if you require a Core Curriculum & Culture and Additional Subject Coveted Tutor, we may assign multiple tutors if we believe this will best serve your needs.


Art & Design tuition

A Coveted Tutor for every major area of study. Coveted Tutors offer a guided approach to best practices and exercises which increase artistic proficiency and confidence. The use of the latest in camera and conferencing technology is promoted to guide students through the artistic process. For exams and portfolio guidance, our professional tutors demonstrate methods which play to students' strengths and develop them into their own artist style. Prominent areas of study include:

  • Ceramics

  • Digital Art

  • ​Drawing

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Printing

Homer book

Classical Studies tuition

Jump into the history of the Greeks and Romans with our Coveted Tutors. Expert tutors in approaching the ancient world in all of its diversity. Mythology and neo-classical architecture continue to captivate our imaginations and are a prominent part of western culture. Classics offers the opportunity to mix the study of history with other disciplines: language learning (Ancient Greek and Latin), archaeology, philosophy and anthropology. This allows students to demonstrate their flexibility in applying transferable skills to attain a greater understanding of complex and fascinating culture.


History tuition

Whether it’s the Romans, the Tudors, the Russian Revolution, or the World Wars, Coveted Tutors can guide you through these and many more events which have shaped the world in which we live today. Moreover, Coveted Tutors can illuminate the intimating world of essay writing and all aspects of examination preparation, ensuring that students are confident at communicating their knowledge and ideas about the past.

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IT & Computer Programming Tuition

An in-depth understanding of IT and Computer Programming is an invaluable asset to a student's toolkit, providing them with the skills and knowhow to think through problems logically and create their own solutions using software. The need for IT expertise is great and continuing to accelerate as it becomes an ever integral part of our everyday life. Our Coveted Tutors are exceptional gifted educators and cover an outstanding range of languages.

Web Development:​


  • HTML

  • Javascript


  • PHP

Software Development: 

  • ActionScript

  • MatLab

  • Android

  • R

  • C#

  • VB.NET

  • Java

  • Python

  • Windows batch language

Eiffel Tower Paris

Modern foreign languages tuition

Taking a foreign language is a compulsory and necessary part of a modern education. Nevertheless, approaching any new language, especially your first additional language, can present many difficulties and require direct one-to-one support. The format of examinations can also add extra pressure to students as grammar and vocabulary are tested beyond conversational fluency. We currently support the following modern languages (with more to come):​

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish

Death of Socrates

philosophy tuition

Philosophy or the 'love of wisdom/learning' and has been a reliable tool with which curious minds can ponder some of the world's deepest questions. Some of these questions have a documented history which stretches back thousands of years; to approach this, only an expert will suffice. Our philosopher Coveted Tutors excel in broadening student's approach to critical thinking and their ability to present complex debates in a clear, concise and specific format. 

Church interior

Religious Studies tuition

Religious Studies brings together the major belief systems and practices of cultures from around the world. We offer the rare opportunity to learn about religious beliefs with experts who can provide an in-depth insight into how to understand and communicate the similarities and differences between them. Articulation of religious representation is as much an art as a science and is a skill which requires a personalised approach to learning.

Science Class

Science tuition

Science is one of our best tools for understanding the world around us. Whether you require a combined approach to Science or specific support with an individual Science, we have Coveted Tutors with an expertise in teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Coveted Tutors take an individual approach to success in examinations, written and practical work, whilst instilling a passion for the subject. 


sociology tuition

With the development of increasingly complicated technology, gaining a rigorous education of social structure and processes is more relevant than it has ever been. Our expert Coveted Tutors support students understand the frameworks which are used to understand complex human activity and apply it to multi-faceted problems.

Art & Design


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