Coveted Tutors

perfect-fit one-to-one tutors chosen for your needs

Elite tutors

We pride ourselves in exclusively working with the best tutors and streamlining a tuition service for our students. Our tutors boast results which are testament to their quality as professional one-to-one tutors. 

Ages 3-16

Tutors are experts in teaching a targeted age and ability. This is an important consideration when assigning tutors as teaching young students is very different from older students.

Special needs

We work with tutors who specialise with working with students with special education needs. These tutors are highly adaptable to individual needs and know best practices for delivering engaging classes.

English, maths science & more...

Students have the option to focus on a specific subject or choose from one of our Course options. Each have a specific goal for students to achieve and support their continual growth and attainment.

Cultural education

We work with tutors who provide a comprehensive education to their students, including an appreciation of culture and expression. The wider application of Subject knowledge helps bring topic to life.

NO profile surfing

We do not use an 'open market' system for choosing a tutor. Our consultants work with each family to find them the perfect tutor for their needs. 

one-to-one online

We exclusively offer online one-to-one tuition. Our tutors are in high demand and can devote all of their time creating the most effective classes which incorporate the latest and greatest online technology.

fully bespoke

Due to the high quality of the tutors we work with, we are confident that we can work with families to create a fully-bespoke service which meets their exact needs. 

coveted membership

Our membership model allows us to maintain our exacting standards and provide students with high-quality resources. This also allows us to guarantee access to the best tutoring talent available.

Sats tutors
Gcse tutors

We select tutors who are specialists in supporting students to achieve outstanding results, whether that be at SATs level, or at GCSE.  This is supported with full past-paper mock examinations.


With our flexible membership programme, school candidates can undertake interview preparation with one of our specialists in lieu of a typical class. These sessions will help you to shine in the interview process.

11+ tutors
13+ tutors

Our Entrance Exam tutors boast leading success in supporting students to achieve places at their desired schools at 11+ and 13+, including admission into some the country's finest institutions.

course options

Tailored to support you reach and exceed your goals.


For students aged 3-7 years old. Students focus on phonics, numbers, handwriting and spelling.


For students aged 8-13 years old. Learn exam knowledge, technique, format, and take part in mock interviews.


For students aged 8-16 years old. English and Maths is taught alongside Culture to deepen knowledge and understanding.


For students aged 8-16 years old. Wide aspect of Subjects and Courses available to cater to students' needs.

Subjects available

we only provide subjects for which we can provide the best expertise.

Where to Begin?

We work with you to ensure you get the best.

Our process is comprehensive and designed to ensure we understand your needs and can work with you to meet them. This process begins with you exploring what we have to offer. Download our 2021 Brochure for an overview.


When you have decided on a course, complete the Membership Application form and let us know more about your specific needs. We can then start the process of matching you with your perfect tutor.

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Keep up-to-date

Click below to view our sample report.

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Coveted Tutors provides regular feedback to parents and guardians with up-to-date guidance on how best to support the student in reaching their goals outside of lessons. We utilise the excellent system which is accessible on phone, tablet or computer. This will allow our students and families to access reports almost anywhere and keep in contact with tutors through a transparent system, only available to parents, students and tutors.


Our students do not need to rely on parents for maintaining communications with their tutor or for tackling homework. Our student pages reinforce a proactive approach to self-development and encourage students to take the initiative when they require support. 

We have created a sample report with a fictional student to allow prospective families to understand how they will view their reports in the future. These reports are curated to each students specific needs and can be adapted as needed to optimise a students' development.